How to write an outstanding blog – Can you do it? Yes You Can!

At a recent conference I heard a motivational speech by Gerry Duffy. Gerry Duffy ran 32 marathons in 32 counties in 32 days. During the talk Gerry spoke about the standards that we set ourselves in life. Most people are happy to meet good standards in the things that they do, some people excel and try to maintain excellent standards but he feels that we should raise the bar and aim for OUTSTANDING standards. We only have one life – so we should be the best that we can be. So I am going to write an OUTSTANDING blog! and eventually it will be!

Gerry’s talk was inspirational to me, he took control of his life and pushed himself to achieve things that many others would not even contemplate. He also showed a video of a 59-year-old father completing an Ironman triathlon with his disabled son. Rick Hoyt was born without the ability to speak or walk. This video really touched me and everyone who watched it. The power of video is incredible.  

The use of the internet in all its forms has given us the ability to share our stories with millions of people and connect like never before. On the Team Hoyt Facebook Page you can read more information, watch a multimedia presentation, make a donation to the Hoyt foundation, sign up to a marathon or even purchase a book. It’s an excellent example of Facebook being used to its best.

So if you want to join me as I ponder how to write an outstanding blog amongst other things please subscribe to my blog. Have you any tips for novice bloggers? If so please feel free to leave a message.

Best time/day to tweet a blog post in order to get retweets > Friday at 4pm however most blogs are read in the morning so publish early and repeat throughout the day for the best results via Dan Zarella

List of 30+ posts on how to get more retweets > Important if you want to grow followers of your blog


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