Top Tools for Analysing Twitter

One of the good things that I have found while using Twitter is that there is a multitude of excellent tools for keeping track of what you and your competitors are doing. Here is a summary of some of my favourites.

Twitter Counter – You can use this tool to graph who you follow, your followers and your tweets over time for free. There is added functionality with the Pro version that includes search, hash tracking and sentiment analysis. It also lists the top 100 Tweeps by followers, following and tweets.

Twitter Stats from Twitter Counter

TweetStats – another great tool for graphing your stats. Analyse your tweet timeline, tweet density, what days and times you tweet the most. This tool is free and you can use it to analyse the activity of your competitors. You can also create a HashCloud of your activity.


Tweepi – Every now and then you might want to do a spring clean of your Twitter account. Acting like a bot and bulk following/unfollowing could land you in hot water so this tool is a good work around. There is a free version and a premium version – it has some excellent functions for managing a large Twitter account. And it is really easy to use! – Just want to know who doesn’t love you anymore. This will keep you in the loop – who needs them anyway.

followerwonk – I love the diagrams that this site produces. You are given credits to buy reports, which are renewed every two hours. You can analyse Tweeps, compare up to three users at a time and search bios, however you need to pay to access certain features such as downloading results to excel. The comparisons that you get here are excellent. You get a great overview in a matter of seconds.

Followerwonk - Top Twitter Tools

followerwonk - Top Twitter Tools

So that was just a quick summary of some free Twitter tools that I have found useful. Let me know if you have used something else that works well for you.

by Janis Meehan


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