Do you know your Klout Score? Do you care? Why digital influence matters

I would venture a guess that the majority of people using social networks don’t even realise that they are being weighed and measured!

Here’s an infographic of the main players:

Tools that measure Influence

The most commonly talked about tool is Klout with Peer Index and Kred following closely behind.

Handy Tip: To view Klout scores in Your Twitter feed, like this:

(I use Chrome as my browser but you can use others) Head to the Klout homepage and install the relevant plug-in. See screenshot below:


Interesting article on What Your Klout Score Really Means > explains how and why Klout was developed by Joe Fernandez and what benefits a high Klout score can bring.

Obsessed with your Klout score (really?) – get it on your phone  they launched their app yesterday.

Klout may not be completely accurate as an indicator of influence as it can be ‘gamed’ but it is an indicator none the less.

To find out more about the rise of digital influence this report by Brian Solis is a must read.

The power of advocacy cannot be denied. Social media platforms like Twitter and WordPress have given people electronic word of mouth, increasing their amplification and reach across traditional geographical borders.

In the future digital influencers will impact more and more on search and seo as Google continues to reevaluate links taking social into the equation. Social signals will start to have a much greater impact on SERPs.

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by Janis Meehan


7 thoughts on “Do you know your Klout Score? Do you care? Why digital influence matters

  1. Klout is indeed a good tool to monitor the impact of your on-line strategy. Unfortunately not many companies are using it (or any other tool) At the most, they use Google and Facebook Analytics to evaluate their websites, however in my opinion Klout could be an easier and faster option.

    I wonder if there are any good on-line tutorials explaining how to get the most of Klout

    • “Currently, we actively measure five networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+. These are just some of the actions Klout uses when determining your Klout Score:

      Twitter: Retweets and Mentions
      Facebook: Comments, Wall-Posts, Likes
      Google+: Comments, Reshares, +1
      LinkedIn: Comments, Likes
      Foursquare: Tips – Todo’s and Tips – Done”

      Hi – The Klout Blog is pretty good at explaining what they measure see above.
      I have seen my score rise and fall depending on activity. IMO Facebook will give you a quicker boost than Twitter but you have to maintain that level of engagement or your score will fall, so consistency is important. I wouldn’t get to hung up on it though but it does give you a quick snapshot analysis in relation to activity when you are engaging with someone for the first time. 🙂

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  3. Hey Janis, thanks for liking my blog post! I definitely think Klout is a good resource for determining influence, but I have a problem with how they determine topics you are influential on. I’m supposedly influential in “celebrities” and “coffee,” but I’ve hardly ever posted about those things. Influence in general will be incredibly important for the future of marketing. Great post!

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